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Brick Cleaning Services

Exterior brickwork has a hugely important role to play at your premises. You receive protection and insulation, but bricks also impact the appearance and value of a property in Maldon. If your brickwork has seen better days, your home suffers, and you do too.

This is why brickwork cleaning is essential, and if this is too big a job for you to manage yourself, it is best to call on an expert for all your brick cleaning needs.

At Wash Your Walls in Maldon, our brick cleaning services are tailored to your needs, and the needs of your property. Whatever brick cleaning services you require, rely on us to take care of them at an effective price, and with a highly effective approach.

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How do brick walls get dirty?

There are several ways that brick on a wall can get dirty:

Pollution: Air pollution, such as smog, can settle on brickwork and cause them to become dirty.

Rainwater: Rainwater can carry dirt and pollutants from the air and deposit them on the brick surface, causing them to become dirty.

Algae growth: Algae or moss can grow on the surface of bricks, especially in damp or humid conditions. This can cause the bricks to appear dirty or discoloured.

Stains: Bricks can also become dirty due to mess from spills or splashes, such as oil or grease.

Dust and debris: Dust and debris can accumulate on brickwork over time, causing them to become dirty.

Paint and graffiti: If you need to remove paint daubed on your walls, call on a professional brick paint removal specialist.

What type of bricks do we clean?

Our brick cleaning service caters to all brick types, with most work focusing on:

Common bricks: Common bricks are the most common type of brick used in UK buildings. They are made from clay and are fired at high temperatures to give them strength and durability. Common brickwork is typically red or brown.

Engineering bricks: Engineering bricks are a type of brick that is made from a higher quality clay and is fired at a higher temperature than common brickwork. They are stronger and more durable than common bricks and are often used in load-bearing walls or for structural purposes. Engineering brickwork is typically dark red or brown.

Facing bricks: Facing bricks are a type of brick that is used on the exterior of buildings to provide a decorative finish. They are made from a higher quality clay and are fired at a higher temperature than common bricks. Facing bricks are typically smooth and uniform in colour and can be used to create a variety of different finishes.

Concrete bricks: Concrete bricks are a type of brick that is made from a mixture of cement, sand, and aggregate. They are strong and durable, but are not as aesthetically pleasing as clay bricks. Concrete bricks are typically grey.

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Our brick cleaning process

At Wash Your Walls, our highly experienced team has a well established brick cleaning process. No matter the surface or issue you face, we tailor brick cleaning services for you.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing involves using high-pressure water to blast away grubby marks from the brick surface. It is a quick and effective way to clean bricks, but it is important to use caution as the high pressure can damage the brickwork if it is not used correctly.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning involves using specialised cleaners to remove dirt, grime, and smears from the surface of bricks. The cleaners are typically applied to the bricks and left to sit for a period of time before being rinsed off. Chemical cleaning can be effective for removing tough blemishes, but it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the cleaner to ensure that it is used safely and effectively.


Sandblasting involves using a high-pressure stream of abrasive material, such as sand, to remove dirt and mess from the surface of bricks. It is a quick and effective way to clean bricks, but it can be damaging to the bricks if it is not used correctly.

Steam cleaning

This brick cleaning method involves using high-pressure steam to remove dirt and muck from the surface of brickwork. The doff system is a specially formulated and eco-friendly option for cleaning bricks, but it is important to use caution as the high pressure of the steam can damage the brickwork if it is not used correctly.

For small areas, we can also cover brickwork cleaning by hand scrubbing.

As you'd expect, the brick cleaning method impacts on the final result, the way we work, and even the brick cleaning cost.

What should people expect for the brick cleaning cost?

According to information provided by Checkatrade at the start of 2023, the average cost of brick cleaning per m2 is £30. The price ranges from a low cost of £10 per m2 to a high cost of £50 per m2. For the average cost of brick cleaning, Checkatrade advises customers to budget for £597. The low average cost comes in at £500, while the high cost comes in at £695

Many factors influence brick cleaning cost

Of course, many factors influence the average cost of brickwork including your location, the type of brick, the condition of bricks at your property, the cleaning job, how many people clean your brickwork, whether the team is dealing with delicate surfaces and so on.

We offer a tailored quote to help you manage the brick cleaning cost

At Wash Your Walls in Maldon, we are keen to provide a cost effective brick cleaning service, and will always provide a tailored free quotation for your property. Professional brick cleaning offers value for money when you call on a company who provides a high standard of cleaning services. We look forward to assisting you as best we can.

Given the work we do in transforming properties, we know brick cleaning cost can pay for itself, and there is often value for many when it comes to brickwork cleaning. If you have any questions about your brick cleaning cost, please contact Wash Your Walls, and we'll be happy to talk you through the process.

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Brickwork cleaning process

While we provide a tailored brick cleaning method for each job, our experienced professional brick cleaning team in Maldon knows many jobs benefit from a standard approach. We have developed a brick cleaning method that is the envy of many brick cleaning companies, so if you're looking for general or specialist brick cleaning, rely on Wash Your Walls.

Assess the condition of the bricks: Before starting the cleaning process, it is important to assess the condition of the brickwork. Look for any cracks, chips, or damage that may need to be repaired before cleaning.

Choose the appropriate cleaning method: Based on the condition of the brickwork and the level of dirt present, choose the appropriate cleaning method. Options include pressure washing, chemical cleaning, sandblasting, hand scrubbing, or doff steam cleaning.

Protect surrounding areas: Before starting the cleaning process, take steps to protect surrounding areas from overspray or runoff. This may include covering plants, windows, and doors with plastic sheeting or using barriers to contain the cleaning solution.

Pre-treat any stains: If the bricks have any tough marks, such as oil or grease, pre-treat them with a suitable cleaner before starting the main cleaning process.

Begin the cleaning process: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the chosen cleaning method and apply the cleaning solution to the brickwork. Scrub the brickwork with a brush or pressure washing to blast away dirt,

Rinse the brickwork: Once the cleaning process is complete, rinse the brickwork thoroughly with clean water to remove any cleaning solution or residue.

Allow the brickwork to dry: After rinsing the bricks, allow them to dry completely before applying any sealants or other treatments.

Inspect the bricks: Once the bricks are dry, inspect them to ensure that they are clean and free of any remaining dirt. If necessary, repeat the cleaning job until the bricks are fully clean.

Our stone and brick cleaning technique is second to none, and it's performed professionally by our team. If you wish to avoid the build up of grime or want to see the original colour of the brickwork, we have specially formulated cleaning solutions to transform your house or property. The end result will vary based on many factors, but rest assured Wash Your Walls is here to help.

We also offer eco-friendly brick cleaning services

We know many clients are keen on eco-friendly cleaning services, and at Wash Your Walls in Maldon, we provide green ways to clean your brickwork, including:

Use a pressure washer: Pressure washing can be an effective tool for cleaning brickwork , and it does not require the use of harsh chemicals. The high-pressure water blasts away grime, making it easy to clean the bricks. It is important to use caution when using pressure washing, as the high pressure can damage the brickwork if it is not used correctly.

Use a mixture of water and vinegar: A mixture of water and vinegar can be effective at removing muck from brickwork . To use this method, mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bucket and apply it to the dirty areas of the bricks. Let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the area with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse the brickwork thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue. A mix of water and baking soda can be used in the same way.

Use steam cleaning: Steam cleaning involves using high-pressure steam to remove dirt from the surface of bricks. It is an eco-friendly option for cleaning bricks, as it does not require the use of chemicals. However, it is important to use caution as the high pressure of the steam can damage the bricks if it is not used correctly.

We know some people worry about ecologically friendly services being more expensive, but this isn't necessarily the case here. To discuss the full brick cleaning cost for any project, please contact Wash Your Walls today.

Benefits of brick cleaning service

There are many reasons to call on our Maldon brick cleaning service, with many benefits of brick cleaning:

Improved appearance: Regular brick cleaning can help to improve the appearance of a building by removing dirt and grime from the brickwork. This can make the building look more attractive and well-maintained.

Increased property value: A clean and well-maintained building can increase the value of the property. By using commercial brick cleaning services, you can help to maintain or increase the value of your property.

Extended brick lifespan: Regular brick cleaning can help to extend the lifespan of the brickwork by removing dirt and mess that can cause deterioration over time. This can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for repairs or replacement.

Enhanced safety: Removing dirt and marks from bricks can help to improve the safety of a building. For example, removing algae from brickwork can help to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Improved air quality: Removing dirt and grime from bricks can help to improve the air quality inside the building by removing allergens and pollutants.

We know our commercial customers want to see their property's brickwork improved, and returned to its original colour if possible. When dealing with old bricks and jaded brick work, this is difficult but as experienced professionals

How we clean bricks in historical or listed buildings

Cleaning brickwork in historical buildings and listed buildings in Maldon requires special care to ensure that the bricks are not damaged or altered. Here are some safe ways we clean bricks in these types of buildings:

  • Use a soft-bristled brush: A soft-bristled brush can be used to gently scrub away dirt and stains from the surface of the brickwork . It is a good option for cleaning delicate bricks or for removing tougher marks.
  • Use a mild cleaning solution: A mild cleaning solution, such as a mixture of water and mild detergent, can be used to gently clean the bricks. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the brickwork.
  • Use a low-pressure washing method: Low-pressure washing methods, such as hand scrubbing or sponge cleaning, can be used to safely clean the bricks without damaging them. Avoid using high-pressure hoses or power washers, as these can damage the brickwork.
  • Consult with a professional: If you are unsure about how to safely clean the brickwork in a historical building or listed building, it is a good idea to consult with a professional cleaning company or a conservation specialist.

We can provide guidance on the best cleaning methods and products to use.

We offer many types of brickwork cleaning

When it comes to brick cleaning, you might have a specific task in mind. We offer

  • Brick cleaning before repointing work
  • Brickwork cleaning before painting
  • Brick cleaning before repairing or renovation

These are all important jobs, because cleaning your brickwork before undertaking pointing or painting enhances the chances of success for the finished work. This is where the brick cleaning cost offers a greater return, as it improves the impact of renovation, painting or repointing work at your property.

Removing organic matter

One of the most unsightly things on a building is the build up of biological matter. If your brickwork is blighted by algae growth or green marks, we offer specially formulated solutions which protect your property's brickwork.

With high temperature and low pressurised cleaning service processes, we are confident of removing organic matter, algae , mould and growths from your wall. We can also provide different types of coating which prevent or minimise algae growth, with the end result being stone and brickwork you love.

Paint removal services

There are several ways to remove paint from brick, and the best method will depend on the type of paint and the condition of the brick. Some of our paint removal services include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Chemical paint stripper
  • Sandblasting
  • Scraping
  • Heat gun

When it comes to paint removal, the array of options at our disposal ensures we can provide you with a tailored solution that achieves the best outcome.

Brick restoration services

Brick restoration is the art of repairing and rejuvenating brick surfaces that have been damaged or have become worn over time. This can include repairing cracks, chips, and other surface damage, as well as removing marks, graffiti, and paint from your property. The end result is one you'll enjoy for the rest of your life, or the life of the brickwork!

As you'll see brick cleaning is part of our brick restoration service, which includes:

  • Repairs: This can include filling in cracks and chips in the brick, as well as replacing missing or damaged brickwork .
  • Cleaning: This involves removing dirt, grime, and stains from the brick surface. This can be done using a high-pressure water blast, a chemical cleaner, or a combination of both.
  • Sealing: Once the brick has been cleaned and repaired, it may be sealed to protect it from further damage. This can be done using a water-based sealer or a penetrating sealer.
  • Pointing: This involves filling in the joints between brickwork with a mixture of cement and sand. This helps to prevent water from seeping into the brick and causing damage.
  • Re-colouring: If the brick has become faded or discoloured, it can be re-coloured using a brick dye or a brick-coloured paint. If you wish to restore the original colour of stone or brick, we have a cleaning service to assist you.

We aim to be the most effective brick cleaning company we can, so whatever service you are interested in, please let us know, as we have a specialist technique we trust.

Choose the best Maldon brick cleaning company

We know you have many brick cleaning companies to choose from, but Wash Your Walls is a brick cleaning company in Maldon you can trust. Whether you care for a brick house or commercial building, we offer professional brick cleaning which capitalises on traditional methods, and the latest techniques.

Whether you are interested in brickwork restoration, surface coatings or even doff steam cleaning, we are professional brick cleaning experts who offer specialist brick cleaning services in Maldon.

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Can you damage brick by pressure washing it?

Yes, pressure washing brick can cause damage if the pressure is too high or the nozzle is too close to the surface. It is critical to use the proper pressure and nozzle setting, as well as to keep the nozzle at the proper distance from the surface.

Is it better to pressure wash or soft wash brick?

The best cleaning method for brick is determined by the type of discoloration and the condition of the brick. Pressure washing can be effective for removing dirt and grime, but it can also be too harsh for some types of discoloration or for damaged bricks. In these cases, soft washing with low pressure and specialised cleaning solutions may be a better option.

How long does it take for brick to dry after cleaning?

The amount of time it takes for brick to dry after cleaning is determined by several factors, including the weather, the cleaning method used, and the condition of the brick. In general, warm, sunny weather dries bricks faster than cool, damp conditions.

Can you restore the original color of the bricks after cleaning?

After cleaning, it may be possible to restore the original colour of bricks, but this depends on the type of discoloration and the condition of the brick. The discoloration may be permanent in some cases and cannot be removed. However, using the right cleaning methods and products can help to restore the brick's colour as much as possible.

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