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A brick wall offers functional benefits for a house, commercial building or premises in Margate, but for many people, the charm of a brick wall comes in its appearance. A stylish brick surface, whether traditional or modern, looks fantastic, and makes people feel positively about the property.

This is why paint on a brick wall needs to be removed quickly. Whether the paint is a graffiti attack, an act of vandalism or even spillages from a professional paint job, it is best to call on a paint removal expert.

When you need to remove all the paint from your brick wall in Margate, call on Wash Your Walls. We are paint removal specialists, and if you want your brick surface returned to a former glory, we are the brick paint removal experts in Margate you can trust. When you remove paint from old brick, you not only improve the appearance of a house or building, you allow the brick to breathe naturally. This enhances its condition, and should ensure it remains in good style for longer.

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Reasons to remove paint from brick

There are several reasons why you might need to remove paint from brickwork:

To restore the original appearance of the bricks

If the bricks have been painted over and you want to restore their original appearance, you will need to remove the paint.

To prepare the surface for repainting

If you want to paint the bricks a different colour, you will need to remove the existing paint to ensure that the new paint adheres properly.

To remove flaking or peeling paint

If the paint on the bricks is flaking or peeling, it will need to be removed to prevent further damage to the bricks.

To remove graffiti

If the bricks have been vandalised with graffiti, you will need to remove the graffiti to restore the appearance of the bricks. An issue with graffiti is that its appearance often leads to more potential damage, as explored in the "broken windows" theory.

Therefore, it is best to remove graffiti as quickly as possible, which can save you a lot of time, work, money and hardship in the longer term.

To prepare the bricks for repair or restoration

If the bricks are in need of repair or restoration, the paint will need to be removed to allow the work to be completed.

No matter the reason you have for calling on our brick paint removal services, we intend to return your brick wall to a great condition, and ensure you have one less thing to worry about.

What steps do we take to remove paint from brick?

After agreeing to take on the job of removing paint from your house or business in Margate, we take the same steps every time.

Review the condition and integrity of the brick wall

Even a great looking brick wall can hide a number of underlying issues. We’ll consider the brick condition, how many layers of paint that need to be removed, and we’ll even carry out a quick test. This ensures we know the true charge of removing paint, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding the value for money of this service.

Scrape off excess or paint clumps

After putting appropriate plastic sheeting and a drop cloth or two in place with painter's tape, we will attempt to scrape off large or excess paint clumps. Even if we follow up with a machine or product-led cleaning process, this initial stage makes the overall job simpler.

Select the appropriate cleaning methods for the paint and brickwork

There is more than one way to carry out a job, and once our team decides on the best approach, we will start the actual removal process. Whether this is steam cleaning, heat methods, using paint stripper and a wire brush, we approach the work vigorously. In most cases, we choose a small test area to ensure we make the best decision for our needs.

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What are the most common types of paint on brick walls?

There are many different types of paint, and how you remove one type is different from the removal process for another paint type. At Wash Your Walls in Margate, we are pleased to say we’ve cleaned a broad range of paint from brick surfaces, and we know the best approach in dealing with graffiti and brick paint.
Whatever the substance, removing paint is simpler when you know the right approach to take.

Latex paint

Latex paint is a type of water-based paint that is suitable for use on brick walls. It is easy to apply, dries quickly, and is resistant to fading and peeling. Latex paint is also easy to clean up and is environmentally friendly.

Oil-based paint

Oil-based paint is a type of paint that is made with a petroleum-based solvent. It is more durable and resistant to fading and peeling than latex paint, but it is more difficult to clean up and has a strong odour. Oil-based paint is best used on brick walls that will not be subjected to frequent washing or moisture.

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is a type of water-based paint that is made with acrylic resin. It is similar to latex paint in terms of its ease of use and quick drying time, but it is more durable and resistant to fading and peeling. Acrylic paint is also easy to clean up and is environmentally friendly.

Masonry paint

Masonry paint is a type of paint that is specifically designed for use on brick and masonry surfaces. It is highly resistant to fading and peeling and is able to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture. Masonry paint is typically more expensive than other types of paint, but it provides excellent protection for brick walls.

Removing different paint types from brickwork

Once we have established the type of paint on your property, we devise the most appropriate cleaning process. This is shaped by the type of paint used, the type and condition of brick, the amount of brickwork which needs cleaned, and other factors.
Here is a description of the most effective cleaning methods for removing each type of paint listed above from brick walls:

Latex paint

Latex paint can be removed from brick walls using a combination of water and a mild detergent. Begin by wetting the area with water and then apply the detergent to the paint. Scrub the paint with a soft-bristled brush to loosen it from the surface of the brick.

Oil-based paint

Oil-based paint can be more difficult to remove than latex paint, as it is more resistant to water and detergents. To remove oil-based paint from brick walls, you will need to use a paint remover or a deglosser. These products are specifically designed to dissolve oil-based paints and make them easier to remove. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the product and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the paint from the surface of the brick.

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint can be removed from brick walls using a combination of water and a mild detergent. Begin by wetting the area with water and then apply the detergent to the paint. Scrub the paint with a soft-bristled brush to loosen it from the surface of the brick.

Masonry paint

Given the durable qualities of masonry paint, it can be more difficult to remove than other types of paint. To remove this paint from brick walls, you will need to use a paint remover or a deglosser.

With every step, the final step of the brick paint removal process concludes with rinsing the wall and area down, with warm water and a soapy detergent. A great reason for calling on a professional paint removal specialist, like Wash Your Walls, is to clean up at the end of every project. You won't find paint flakes or stains on the ground or at the edges of your brick wall.

Removing paint from your brick wall is the most important part of our paint removal service, but ensuring you receive great customer service right to the end is a big reason why people choose us to remove paint from their home or premises.

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What does paint removal cost?

At Wash Your Walls in Margate, we pride ourselves on offering a tailored free quote, which provides you with a value for money service. One of our team members will attend at your property, and evaluate the work. Many factors influence the total bill associated with paint removal services, but if you are looking for a rough guideline, Checkatrade suggests the average cost of paint removal from brick stands at around £50 per m2.

For graffiti removal with specialist equipment, please consider the following Checkatrade suggestions for pricing:

Steam cleaning is a highly effective and eco-friendly way to remove graffiti, with an average cost of £11 per m2. The costs typically run between £7 and £11 per m2. For chemical cleaning services, the costs are the same.

Sandblasting is a more expensive technique, with an average fee of £13.50 per m2, with the costs ranging from £11 to £16. If you are considering anti-graffiti coating, the average charge stands at £15.50, with the range of costs moving between £11 and £20.

Is sandblasting or pressure washing an effective way to remove paint from brick?

While we have quoted the average price for sandblasting painted brick, it should be noted sandblasting or pressure washing should be used with caution. These approaches can not only damage an outer layer or old or damaged brick, it can negatively impact underlying brick too.

We strive to carry out a fantastic job every time, and this means leaving your exposed brick in the best possible condition. This is why harsh solutions must be avoided on brittle bricks. Thankfully, we use many solutions to remove paint including scrubbing with a wire brush or using paint strippers.

Our initial assessment approach ensures we are aware of potential risks and even a chemical reaction associated with certain solutions, so you can rely on us to clean the brick work at your house or property.

Is a heat gun an effective way to remove paint?

Using a heat gun and scraper removes paint from brick quickly, but there is an issue to consider. If the paint is old and contains lead, heating the paint releases dangerous fumes. Unless you know for certain the type of paint used, this method should be avoided because of the dangers associated with lead paint.

Do products like oven cleaner or WD-40 remove paint?

It is easy to see why many people use household cleaning products to remove paint. If you are looking for a convenient and fast solution, products you have handy are worth considering. Oven cleaning products can loosen paint, but it creates an uneven finish. Therefore, it’s not great for the aesthetics of your brickwork.

WD-40 isn’t useful for removing large amounts of paint, but is effective at loosening small bits of dried paint. If any bits of dried paint are in hard-to-reach places, applying WD-40 on a brush can scrub it off.

Is paint thinner useful in removing paint from brickwork?

While paint thinner is helpful in removing paint in layers, be aware that the chemicals in this solution can leak into porous brick. This might cause more problems in the long-term, not to mention the issues of this chemical dripping to the ground, contaminating soil and groundwater.

Also, there are products which remove paint far faster than paint thinner, which as the name suggests, thins paint.

Is paint stripper safe to use?

As the name suggests, paint stripper is a sensible way to remove paint from your property. Acetone is likely the most common paint stripper, and this is a quicker and easier method than sandblasting.

Other paint stripper options include:

  • Methylene chloride
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Toluene
  • Xylene

Every option listed above is classed as toxic, and must be used carefully. Paint stripper is highly effective but it must be used with proper protective equipment.

Paint strippers are great for small jobs

For small paint removal jobs, it is easy to see why individuals choose paint stripper, but at Wash Your Walls, we offer effective professional paint removal services that save you effort while providing a fantastic finish.

Does the colour of paint matter?

While some paint colours are more vivid on your brick wall than others, it doesn't make much of a difference to the paint removal process. Once our team has evaluated the stains, choosing the most appropriate cleaning method is the key step, and we will take care of this for you.

Does it matter how many layers are present on the brick wall?

Obviously, the more layers present, the more work is required to remove paint. This is why the fees for removing paint varies from job to job. Some tasks are simple, and a professional can remove paint quickly.

However, if you are looking to remove paint that was professionally applied by an expert, it is likely to have a number of coatings. This increases the time involved, but of course, with a range of specialist equipment, and access to various paint stripper products, we can use a more robust method.

Can you remove paint from a brick fireplace?

Yes, while many of the brick cleaning methods explained on this page relate to exterior brickwork, you can remove paint from brick features like fireplaces. More care should be given to covering surroundings, which is why plastic sheeting or a good drop cloth is required. This will catch flaking paint, paint residue and make it easier to clean up at the end of the brick cleaning work.

These items can be held in place with tape, which is also useful for covering any items you don't want affected by the cleaning process.

Whether you are removing paint from inside or outside of your home, we are here to take care of everything.

Do you need superheated water when removing paint from brick?

For many paint stains, warm water, detergent and scrubbing is effective. This is okay for a small area, however, if you have a large area, you don't want to attempt to scrub the entire area with hot water.

For larger jobs, and tougher paint stains, you need professional services. Our steam clean services work wonders at removing paint from brick. The mix of high temperature and low pressure is better than other methods, as this doesn't damage brickwork that is in poor condition. This is a gentle yet effective cleaning method, and the complete process is fast and effective, no matter the size of your house.

Should you use a test area before removing paint from brick?

As with all cleaning work, testing a small area is sensible. For harsh cleaning products, even when mixed with warm water, use a test area before applying to a large part of the wall. It is often helpful to use tape to mark out the area you test, differentiating it from the rest of the wall or area.

At Wash Your Walls, we are highly experienced in a wide range of cleaning solutions. However, we know every home is unique, so even when removing paint from brick walls, we carry out test work before committing to the full process.

Can paint removal services be included alongside maintenance costs?

If you allocate funds or create a budget for maintenance, it makes sense to incorporate paint removal services in this fund. Maintenance costs are about preserving and improving the condition of a property, and if you want to retain the original beauty of exposed brickwork, it makes sense to factor in this expense.

At Wash Your Walls, we are more than happy to remove paint from brick as an ongoing service, or as a one-off activity as and when you need it. We supply everything we need, including plastic sheeting and drop cloths, making sure we leave everything spotless after we remove paint from brick.

Should paint removal involve protective gear?

We know there are risks associated with removing paint from brick walls, and our team wears specialist clothing when working. We adhere to all health and safety requirements, and we invest in reliable PPE equipment. Even a simple job can cause problems when you scrape layers of paint or interact with painted aspects of an old house. We believe in using the right tools for the job, and of course, some paint strippers and cleaning products contain chemicals.

Therefore, to work safely with these products, and in dealing with any unforeseen issues, the use of PPE is recommended when cleaning and removing painted surface

Is it possible to restore the original look of a brick exterior?

It is natural to ask to restore the original look of a property, and we do our best to return the original condition of your wall. Of course, this might not be possible, for many reasons. After our assessment process, we will detail our expectations for the work, and how close we are likely to get to the original condition of your brick and mortar.

How much time is enough time for a job?

While we provide an estimate of time to remove paint from a home or property, not every job is the same. Work on a new house should be quicker than removing paint from old brick, and we always aim to work with minimal fuss, but sometimes a job takes longer than hoped for.

Call on Wash Your Walls to remove paint from brick in Margate

Painted brick can look stylish and appealing, but if you'd rather your brick surfaces weren't covered in paint, we can help. Whether you are dealing with old paint or freshly applied paint, we'll do a fantastic job as we remove paint from brick surfaces, including exposed brick and underlying brick.

For relevant information and more information on the most effective methods for removing paint from brick in Margate, call on Wash Your Walls, your professional brick paint removal specialists with the best tools for the job.

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Can paint be removed from bricks without damaging the brick?

Yes, paint can be removed from bricks without causing damage to the brick. This is usually accomplished by using gentle chemical stripping agents or low-pressure power washing.

What is the difference between chemical and mechanical paint removal methods?

Chemical paint removal entails using a chemical agent to dissolve or soften the paint, allowing it to be scraped or washed away easily. Mechanical paint removal techniques, such as sandblasting and power washing, involve physically removing the paint with abrasive materials or high-pressure water.

Are there any special considerations for removing paint from historic brick buildings?

Yes, special precautions must be taken when removing paint from historic brick buildings. Some of these considerations include the use of appropriate techniques that will not damage the bricks, the use of environmentally friendly paint removal products, worker safety, and the preservation of the building's architectural and historical integrity.

Can paint be removed from bricks without leaving any residue behind?

Paint can be removed from bricks without leaving any residue behind. This is typically accomplished by employing chemical stripping agents that are specifically designed to dissolve paint without leaving any residue. Professional companies also use specialised equipment and techniques to ensure that all paint is removed and no residue remains.

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