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At Wash Your Walls in Liphook, we know this for a fact: whether it's a factory, warehouse or shopping centre floor, it is going to get dirty at some point.

Cleaners are employed to wash the floors down at various intervals, but the constant flow of foot traffic, whether from customers or staff, means that floors can suffer over time. It sometimes seems that the cleaner's efforts are in vain, no matter how hard they work.

It's not just about mud or dirty water that's tracked in during bad weather. You also have to contend with scuff marks caused by black rubber-soled shoes or trolley and fork-lift truck wheels.

Chewing gum is one of the worst offenders, particularly in retail outlets and public spaces. And, in an industrial setting, floors can be badly stained by various substances that are accidentally spilt.

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Why Is Industrial Floor Cleaning Important?

It depends on the environment, but the reasons are basically twofold: you want the floor to look its best, and you want to minimise any risk of slips and falls.

In warehouses and other commercial buildings in Liphook, it is essential that floors are kept clean and free from anything that might be hazardous. This includes oily or sticky substances that could cause accidents and injuries.

The same applies in public places such as shopping complexes and open plazas, with the added issue of customer satisfaction; few people want to visit a grubby-looking retail outlet!

At Wash Your Walls, we understand the importance of keeping floors spotlessly clean, which is why we offer a complete floor cleaning service in Liphook for all floor types.

Why Is Industrial Floor Cleaning Important

The Industrial Floor Cleaning Process

Industrial floors in factories and warehouses in Liphook are often made of concrete and are exposed to a lot of wear and tear from heavy machinery, foot traffic, and spills. Most commercial and retail areas also have hard floors of different types, including marble, tile and polished concrete.

Proper cleaning of these is essential to maintain their integrity and safety.

There are several different methods of cleaning an industrial floor, but the following steps show how it is typically undertaken:

Clear The Floor

Remove any debris or obstacles from the floor before starting to clean. This will make it easier to clean and prevent accidents. The Wash Your Walls team will always section off any working areas for safety reasons.

Sweep Or Vacuum The Floor

Use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dirt and dust. Make sure to clean the corners and edges of the floor as well. Vacuuming the debris will ensure a perfect finish.

Apply A Cleaning Solution

Choose a cleaning solution that is suitable for your type of industrial floor. Dilute the solution according to the manufacturer's instructions and apply it to the floor. Use a mop or a floor cleaning machine to spread the solution evenly on the floor.

Wash Your Walls employees are familiar with the COSHH regulations that apply to any solutions, liquids and detergents used.

Scrub Or Clean The Floor

Use a scrubbing machine or DOFF Cleaning / TORC Cleaning system to clean the floor thoroughly.

Pay special attention to areas that are heavily soiled or stained.

Rinse The Floor

Once you have finished scrubbing, rinse the floor with clean water to remove any leftover solution. This will prevent any residue from building up on the floor.

Dry The Floor

Use a squeegee or a wet vacuum to remove any excess water from the floor. Use a floor scrubber dryer or allow the floor to air dry completely before allowing foot traffic or machinery back on it.

If using a DOFF or TORC system, the floor will be dry within minutes due to the high temperature of the super-heated water.

Floor buffers can be used to add an attractive shine to flooring if required, especially in public areas.

Clearing The Site

After the work is finished, the team will pack away all tools and equipment, then they will make a final site inspection to make sure the area is tidy before leaving.

The Industrial Floor Cleaning Process

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Wash Your Walls will fit in with your working hours to minimise any disruption to staff or customers. We can arrange to visit outside of normal working hours if necessary, as this allows our team to work unhindered and reduce the risk of exposing others to the potential hazards relating to wet floors or floor cleaning equipment.

Arrange A Schedule To Suit Your Needs

The Floor Cleaning Machines And Methods

The Wash Your Walls Liphook team is trained to use a variety of industrial floor cleaning machines and floor cleaning equipment, including DOFF cleaning and TORC cleaning systems.

We also have access to the leading brands of floor scrubber dryers, vacuum cleaners and other tools necessary to provide the best results.

All of this equipment is designed to remove dirt and grime effectively from hard surfaces over large areas, without causing any damage to the flooring materials.

Commercial floor cleaning machines can be very technical and tricky to use, and the DOFF and TORC systems require intensive training and a great deal of skill to use correctly.

We are proud to invest in our Liphook team, ensuring that they are proficient in all of these methods in order to provide an efficient cleaning solution to all of our customers.

The Floor Cleaning Machines And Methods

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How Often Should Floors Be Cleaned?

Regular cleaning is important to maintain the appearance and safety of industrial floors. Depending on the level of foot traffic and spills, you may need to clean your floor daily, weekly, or monthly. By following these steps, you can ensure that your industrial floor is properly cleaned and maintained for years to come.

Even so, there comes a time when you need a professional clean, and that's when Wash Your Walls can step in. We offer a superb commercial floor cleaning service that covers warehouse and factory floor cleaning in Liphook, dealing with an extensive range of hard floors and surfaces.

The frequency of your deep clean depends on the nature of your business and how dirty it gets, so it's impossible to say how regularly we would need to visit without knowing the details.

Contact our Liphook team today and ask about our warehouse floor cleaning service to get more information about prices and time schedules.

How Often Should Floors Be Cleaned

Wash Your Walls - Industrial Floor Cleaning Specialists In Liphook

At Wash Your Walls, it's not only about cleaning floors, we are passionate about providing the best possible cleaning services to all of our clients.

If you have any queries about commercial and industrial floor cleaning in Liphook or any of our other services, then get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you. Once we have all the details about your exact needs, we can formulate a plan of action created especially for your circumstances and tailored to suit your budget.

Clean floors (and other surfaces) aren't just nice to look at. They are essential for health, safety and hygiene, so don't take risks with your flooring. When the time comes to call the professionals, make sure that you contact Wash Your Walls.

Wash Your Walls Industrial Floor Cleaning Specialists

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How often should industrial and factory floors be cleaned?

The frequency of industrial and factory floor cleaning for facility owners in the UK is determined by the nature of the work, the volume of traffic, and the amount of debris generated. Cleanings may be required on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule as a result.

What factors affect the cost of industrial and commercial floor cleaning services?

The cost of industrial and commercial floor cleaning services in the United Kingdom is influenced by variables such as the size of the area, the type of flooring, the degree of dirt and grime, and the particular cleaning techniques used. Obtaining tailored quotes from cleaning service providers can assist building owners in understanding the anticipated costs.

Is it necessary to shut down operations during floor cleaning in a factory or warehouse?

Many professional cleaning services in the UK can accommodate a facility's schedule, so it is not always necessary to shut down activities during floor cleaning. However, there may be times when a temporary shutdown is necessary for safety reasons or to perform comprehensive cleaning.

How does professional floor cleaning contribute to overall workplace safety and productivity?

Professional floor cleaning, according to facility owners in the United Kingdom, significantly adds to workplace safety by reducing fall and trip hazards, improving indoor air quality, and keeping a sanitary environment. This, in turn, boosts employee productivity and general operational efficiency.

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