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If you need to keep your playgrounds clean and safe, then our Hythe-New-Forest playground cleaning services can help. Our experienced professionals at Wash Your Walls in Hythe-New-Forest use the latest techniques and materials to ensure that your play area is regularly maintained. We take pride in keeping playgrounds in Hythe-New-Forest sanitary for children, parents, and caregivers alike.

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Why you need professional playground cleaning services

When it comes to playground cleaning, you can’t afford to take shortcuts. Professional cleaners have the expertise and resources needed to effectively keep those play areas safe and sanitised. With our help, you can guarantee that your playgrounds are regularly maintained and looked after, so that children and caregivers alike remain healthy and protected.

Our team will clean to suit and not harm the local environment

Our experienced professionals use the latest techniques and materials to clean even the toughest dirt and grime. Also, with use of specialist cleaning equipment, there is no need to use harmful chemicals, which can impact children, wildlife, nature and the local environment.

Contact our Hythe-New-Forest team to arrange a visit where we access and inspect the premises, and determine what cleaning solution or job is best for your needs. We can offer advice on how to maintain your site to minimise the spread of germs or algae, and we'll gladly arrange a cleaning service that provides the vital solution you require.

Cleanliness and health

While studies suggest playgrounds are no more dangerous than most places when it comes to germs and harmful bacteria, there is a need to clean these areas regularly to minimise health risks.

If dogs or vermin make their way into the park, regular cleaning is essential. We have a range of plans that suit all budgets and needs, and we are happy to offer advice on how to clean waste as and when you notice it. Our free advice ensures your play course or area is always safe and ready for action.

Deep cleaning solutions, including high-pressure washer services, disinfects and kills viruses on the ground and playground equipment, before washing them away from buildings, play areas and parks.

Cleanliness and safety

If dirt, dust and grime accumulate, it can cause items to rust or make some materials or surfaces unsafe to use and walk on. These outcomes hamper the safety of a playground, increasing the likelihood users, including youngsters and adults, will fall, slip or trip. A playground injury can be sore, it can cause long-term problems, and it might even result in legal issues for the playground owner.

Avoid slippery surfaces as best you can

An example of this is a slippery surface or climbing frame caused by moss, algae or moisture. Regular cleaning and drying minimises the likelihood of slippery surfaces, which should keep youngsters safer.

Therefore, it is vital to maintain safety standards in a playground, and regular effective cleaning best maintains the standard of surfaces and equipment. The cost of professional cleaning work is much more palatable than the potential cost of dealing with injuries and loss of reputation.

The appearance of the playground

As well as health and safety issues, people responsible for a playground must maintain the appearance. A playground that has fallen into disrepair will not attract users, and the people who do attend will be less likely to treat the equipment with respect.

Along the lines of “the broken window theory”, a dirty and uncared for playground overrun with moss will not be respected, but a clean and orderly playground is more likely to be cherished and valued.

Therefore, maintaining the condition and appearance of parks isn’t just about saving money, it encourages more people to attend, and it means users have more respect.

By hiring a professional playground cleaning company, like Wash Your Walls in Hythe-New-Forest, you benefit from:

  • Having more time to focus on other activities, safe in the knowledge the playground is well-maintained
  • Not having to worry about specialist cleaning equipment or mixing cleaning products, we carry all this for you
  • Peace of mind about the cleanliness and appearance of the playground

We choose the right method to clean your play space, buildings and parks

Whether you are focused on maintenance, you want to kill germs and bacteria or to create a safe surface and equipment, a good clean word wonders in playgrounds, and Wash your Walls provides an extensive range of cleaning services to support you.

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Pressure washer work is essential for playground equipment

Pressure washing a playground is an effective way to clean and sterilise surfaces, remove dirt, grime and other debris, and prevent the build-up of bacteria and other harmful germs. Pressure washing is also more environmentally friendly than other methods of cleaning as it uses less water when compared with traditional hand cleaning.

Additionally, pressure washing can help extend the life of surfaces by eliminating tough stains and keeping outdoor play equipment free from moss, algae or lichen.

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Enjoy hygienic and aesthetic cleaning work

Pressure washing also increases the aesthetic appeal of your playground by restoring faded paint work or highlighting natural features in the surface such as lines and patterns.

Finally, using a professional to pressure wash your play area may also provide peace of mind that you are doing all you can to ensure safety standards are met in line with local regulations.

How to best manage wet pour surfaces

Wet pour surfaces require different cleaning methods than other playground surfaces. The best initial way to clean a wet pour surface is to use a lightweight vacuum cleaner with an appropriate filter system, such as a HEPA filter, and the right attachments.

Vacuum cleaning helps to remove dust, dirt and other debris that can accumulate in the surface of the rubber wet pour material.

High pressure cleaning is ideal for prevention

For tougher stains or built-up dirt, it’s best to use a pressure washer or steam cleaner with a detergent specially formulated for wet pour materials. It is important to choose the correct settings to ensure that no damage is caused to the surface.

We know you want to kill germs and stop the spread and threat of infection, which is why our cleaning work is of value. Regular cleaning isn't just hygienic, it minimises repair costs and lowers the rate of wear and replacement with playground equipment.

Wash and rinse wet playground surfaces frequently

Finally, for regular maintenance deep cleaning should be done at least once per year to help extend its lifespan and maintain safety standards. When wet pour surfaces are cleaned and rinsed regularly, playground users, and their parents are happier.

Restoration work is minimised, and you shouldn't have to fill the surface as regularly.

Disinfecting surfaces and undertaking a deep clean with soft washing services doesn't take long, but it is a highly effective cleaning service.

One off and on-going playground cleaning services in Hythe-New-Forest

Whether you need a one-off playground cleaning service or are happy to arrange a regular cleaning service, Wash your Walls in Hythe-New-Forest offers:

  • Playground equipment deep cleaning services
  • Pressure washer work for playground surfaces, including wet pour playground surfaces
  • Sanitising and disinfecting services
  • Equipment polishing and cleaning
  • Removing weeds, keeping the ground free of growth and trip hazards

Why playground equipment must be cleaned regularly

A deep clean provides maintenance, kills germs, maintains hygiene and minimises risk in a play area, so call on us to clean your surroundings.

Our Hythe-New-Forest team has extensive experience in making sure your play area is always cleaned to the highest standards. We create a safe and inviting atmosphere for children and families alike with our reliable Hythe-New-Forest playground cleaning services!

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What is included in a playground cleaning service?

A playground cleaning service typically includes tasks such as removing debris, sanitising equipment, power washing and deep cleaning of surfaces, and inspecting the equipment and playground area.

How often should playgrounds be cleaned and maintained?

The frequency of cleaning and maintenance will be determined by the amount of time the playground is used, the weather, and the type of playground equipment. A heavily used playground will require more frequent cleaning and maintenance than a less frequently used playground. A general rule of thumb is to perform a safety inspection and cleaning once a month, and a more thorough cleaning and maintenance once a year.

How do you handle any hazardous materials that may be present on the playground?

Our playground cleaning service has procedures in place to handle and dispose of any hazardous materials found on the playground in a safe manner. This could include broken glass, sharp metal, or hazardous chemicals. The service should also be familiar with the rules and regulations governing the disposal of these materials.

Do you have experience working with a variety of different types of playgrounds?

Yes, we have experience working with a variety of playground materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. They should also be familiar with a variety of playground equipment, such as swings, slides, monkey bars, and climbing structures.

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