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Do you need a helping hand with a cleaning project? Whether you're a Eynsham homeowner or landlord with a residential property or a business owner/manager with commercial premises in need of some serious cleaning, Wash Your Walls in Eynsham has the skills and the tools to do the job.

Our comprehensive cleaning program includes a pressure-washing service that's guaranteed to achieve the desired results. We also offer a jet-washing and power-washing service in Eynsham and will select the right one for the task, depending on the materials and setting that needs cleaning.

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Jet-Washing, Power-Washing And Pressure-Washing Services: What's The Difference?

Jet-washing, pressure-washing, and power-washing are all terms used to describe the process of using high-pressure water to clean surfaces. While these terms are often used interchangeably, there are some subtle differences between them.

Jet Washing

Jet-washing typically refers to the use of a high-pressure water jet for cleaning smaller surfaces such as cars, motorcycles, or garden furniture. Jet-washers are usually smaller and less powerful than pressure or power-washers and can be electric or petrol-powered.


Pressure-washing refers to the use of a high-pressure water stream to handle larger outdoor surfaces such as walls, driveways, and patio cleaning. Pressure-washers can deliver pressurised water at pressures ranging from 750 to 5000 psi (pounds per square inch), and they use a variety of nozzles to adjust the spray pattern and pressure.


Power-washing is a more powerful form of pressure-washing that typically involves the use of hot water and higher pressure levels to remove tough stains and grime. Power-washers can deliver a powerful stream of water at pressures ranging from 2500 to 5000 psi and are often used for heavy-duty cleaning tasks such as decking, siding, and commercial buildings.

In summary, the main difference between these terms is the level of pressure and power used to deliver the water for cleaning. Jet-washing is typically used for smaller surfaces, pressure cleaning for larger surfaces, and power-washing for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

This is why we usually list our Eynsham jet-washing services separately from power-washing and pressure-washing.

Jet-Washing Power-Washing And Pressure-Washing Services Whats The Difference

What Can Be Pressure-Washed?

When Wash Your Walls is engaged to take on a cleaning project, we always assess the task carefully to determine the best equipment and course of action.

Our comprehensive and professional cleaning service can remove accumulated grime from all kinds of exterior surfaces, including:

  • Block paving
  • Stone (including Indian sandstone)
  • Patios
  • Concrete
  • Conservatories
  • Brick walls
  • Wood
  • Driveways
  • Fencing
  • Exterior paintwork
  • Cladding (only some types are suitable)
  • Swimming pools
  • Garden furniture
  • Guttering

These few examples show just how versatile the machines are in the right hands.

Where Does All That Dirt Come From?

All of the items listed above are constantly exposed to the elements, resulting in accumulated dirt, moss, algae, mould, mildew, oil stains, etc. This makes the surfaces look grimy and grubby, and will eventually damage them.

Organic growth can leave slippery stains that are hazardous as well as unsightly, as these can cause injuries from slips and falls.

Our pressure-washing, power-washing or jet-washing service will remove all traces of dirt, grime and organic matter to leave your driveway, wall, or patio looking fresh and clean.

Specialist Training

These are powerful machines! In the wrong hands, they can cause a great deal of damage. Choosing the right one for the job is essential, then you need to adjust the settings according to the material that you are cleaning.

Countless people have been caught out by this fact, and have tackled a project with enthusiasm, only to find that they have stripped paint from their car or destroyed the surfaces of walls, patios or garden furniture.

Our staff in Eynsham receive a high level of training to ensure that there is no risk of damage during the cleaning process.

What Can Be Pressure-Washed

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Why Choose Wash Your Walls?

When you book Wash Your Walls for a pressure-washing session in Eynsham, we supply a highly-trained and fully equipped technician to your home or business. If it is a large-scale project, we will send more than one technician to speed up the process.

The Benefits Of Choosing Wash Your Walls

  • Professional Service. Our staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner and work efficiently to provide the results you expect.
  • High-Quality Tools. We use industrial-grade machines from trusted brands to achieve a high standard of work.
  • Competitive Rates. Our affordable prices mean that our pressure-washing services are accessible to all.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. We are confident that you'll be amazed at the results!
Why Choose Wash Your Walls

How Much Does Pressure-Washing Cost?

We would need to know what we are cleaning as well as the size of the area before being able to offer a projected cost.

We don't always need to visit the site beforehand - if you send us a clear photograph along with the dimensions of the area and advise us what materials need cleaning, we can put together a quote for the final price.

Trusted consumer advice websites like Checkatrade can guide you as to the variations in price around the UK and let you know if your quote is fair.

How Much Does Pressure-Washing Cost

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Do I Need To Provide Anything?

Our Eynsham team will bring all the tools they need to pressure-wash your home or commercial premises, although they will need access to running water and electricity.

It would be handy if there was a parking space right outside the property as they will need to be as close to the cleaning area as possible.

Do I Need To Provide Anything

DIY - Can I Hire Pressure-Washing Equipment?

You can hire or buy a jet-washing machine, but cheaper models are rarely as powerful or effective as the machines used by professional cleaning companies like Wash Your Walls.

Of course, you can buy a more powerful machine, but you need to consider whether it's a good investment.

If you hire or buy powerful pressure-washing equipment, it isn't always the best option. To begin with, few people know how to use a jet-washer or pressure-washer properly or effectively. At best, the results are often patchy, or the user ends up damaging the surface they are trying to clean.

Risk Of Injury

These machines are designed to clean hard surfaces using a high-pressure stream of water. A water jet of around 1000 psi can easily cut through flesh, causing severe injury. At 1700 psi, the stream will make a hole in concrete.

Some of these power-washers go as high as 5000 psi, so you can imagine the damage this would do if you get in its way. The jet is also so powerful that it can launch loose debris and small items that can fly off at high speed, potentially causing injury to people nearby.

You also need to take precautions when using the equipment in areas where electricity is present. The water jet could crack electrical conduits or split cables, and moisture may spray into outdoor sockets, resulting in electrocution.

All Wash Your Walls staff are aware of these hazards and are trained in the safe use of all the equipment needed to do the job to the highest standard.

DIY - Can I Hire Pressure-Washing Equipment

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Wash Your Walls - Specialist Power-
Washing Services

So, you want to power-wash, jet-wash or pressure-wash a wall, patio, decking area or floor, in Eynsham but you don't know where to begin?

While you might be willing to take on the job yourself, choosing the wrong method and equipment could be a waste of money and may spell disaster; you won't get the results you want and you could damage the item you are cleaning. You might even injure yourself in the process!

Wash Your Walls will take all of the hassle, stress and effort off your hands. Our highly-skilled pressure-washing technicians will take on the project and produce amazing results every time.

A Comprehensive Cleaning Service

As well as the machines mentioned here, our professional cleaning services extend well beyond this. Wash Your Walls technicians are also proficient in the use of the DOFF cleaning and TORC cleaning systems, along with a whole range of cleaning appliances and methods.

When you book your cleaning session, we will always advise you as to the best option to suit your requirements.

Contact our friendly Eynsham team at Wash Your Walls without delay to discuss your project and get a free quote. Whatever it is that needs cleaning, we are confident that our pressure-washing service in Eynsham can handle it, and that you'll be astonished by the results.

Wash Your Walls - Specialist Power- Washing Services

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Can pressure washing damage my property?

Yes, if not done properly, pressure washing can cause damage to your property. To avoid damage, such as chipping paint, damaging wood, or etching concrete, it is critical to use the appropriate pressure settings and methods for each surface.

What surfaces can be cleaned using pressure washing services?

In the UK, pressure washing services can clean a variety of surfaces, including brickwork, concrete, asphalt, block paving, decking, patios, fencing, roofs, and the exterior of structures, such as UPVC cladding, render, and stone.

Is it safe to pressure wash painted surfaces?

Pressure washing painted surfaces can be safe if done cautiously and correctly. Using low pressure and a wide-angle nozzle reduces the possibility of paint flaking or peeling. It's best to start with a tiny, inconspicuous area.

Can pressure washing remove graffiti or oil stains?

When coupled with the right cleaning agents, pressure washing can successfully remove graffiti and oil stains. For stubborn stains like oil, pressure cleaning with hot water may be more effective in breaking down and lifting the grime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions pressure washing services

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