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Torc cleaning Services

Cleaning buildings is tough, even more so when you need a gentle cleaning process. Traditional cleaning work damages many buildings in Manningtree, but a gentle swirling vortex can clean external walls without harming them.

Wash Your Walls offers TORC cleaning, and we are happy to undertake a range of property cleaning services, including commercial properties in Manningtree.

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What is TORC cleaning?

The TORC cleaning system is attributed to Stone Health Limited, and it is a gentle yet highly effective cleaning system. The process is most commonly associated with cleaning brick, stone and masonry in Manningtree.

The TORC cleaning system is best known for removing lime scale, brittle paints and carbon sulphation, and it consists of air, a safe inert fine granulate and a minimal amount of water in a gentle swirling vortex. There are no harmful chemicals, creating a gentle removal of brittle paints and other types of brick paint.

TORC cleaning services clean brickwork and stone to the highest possible standard, returning the stone to its former glory and pristine.

What stone is TORC cleaning suitable for?

TORC cleaning is suitable for all stone surfaces, including:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone

The TORC system is also highly effective on rendering, aluminium, bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, galvanised steel, softwood and hardwood.

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What damage can TORC cleaning clean or remove?

TORC cleaning, and its advanced swirling vortex cleaning motion, is highly effective in removing cement based paints and graffiti, carbon sulphation, lime scale damage, carbon deposits, and smoke damage, as well as being fantastic at restoring and rejuvenating a wide range of facades and cladding.

The TORC cleaning system is the preferred method if you’re keen to restore facades to their former glory

What are the benefits of the TORC cleaning system?

As you’d expect from such a highly regarded cleaning system, there are many benefits to using this cleaning method.

TORC is acceptable for heritage sites and ageing buildings

Cleaning heritage site buildings, aged property and weakened structures in Manningtree is challenging because some cleaning processes will damage the building and surroundings. As TORC utilises a gentler approach to cleaning, through its gentle swirling vortex, it is an immediate choice when you are looking to preserve and care for an older building.

Many leading organisations dealing with heritage sites and listed buildings in England approve TORC stone cleaning, and we believe it is a reliable option for many buildings and property types in Manningtree too..

TORC provides a quick yet dependable cleaning solution

Whether you believe the time is money or you don’t have much spare time, you know the importance of doing a good job quickly. The TORC stone cleaning system works quickly without compromising on the quality of the cleaning work.

This is an excellent option if you want a fresh looking finish that restores your building without wasting weeks.

TORC is flexible and works on a wide variety of surfaces

Cleaning buildings is often a difficult task due to accessibility. As the TORC cleaning system is portable and the cleaning process is flexible, it is easier to reach difficult places and to clean at heights. This process saves you time and improves the cleaning work without compromising on time.

TORC stone cleaning offers an eco-friendly cleaning solution

Suppose you are looking for a sustainable cleaning solution which won’t harm your building, the immediate surroundings or the overall environment. In that case, the TORC system is far better than many traditional cleaning methods, with no damaging chemicals.

What TORC cleaning system services do we offer in Manningtree?

We are pleased to offer the following doff cleaning services:

  • Masonry surfaces cleaning
  • Stone cleaning
  • Brick cleaning
  • Wood cleaning
  • Older or listed buildings cleaning services (we can liaise with local authorities on your behalf if required)
  • Historic buildings cleaning
  • Cleaning graffiti and graffiti damage removal
  • Removing paint residues, including cement based paints
  • Cleaning at height work
  • Bird or vermin fouling
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The most suitable TORC method depends on the surface. At Wash Your Walls in Manningtree, we understand the nuances and challenges of certain surfaces and materials, which is why you can rely on us to select the best cleaning solution.

When cleaning masonry, carbon is a problem, so opting for calcite as the abrasive is an excellent choice. Dolomite is the most viable solution when removing graffiti and paint from stone surfaces.

When a hard matter is stuck to your exterior walls, Unil is best, as this is the hardest of Stonehealth-approved materials for this cleaning system. Whether you're cleaning masonry, brick and stone, we naturally clean to great success.

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Step by Step TORC cleaning system

As experienced TORC professionals, we take each job in Manningtree on its merits, but equally, we have working practices for every activity. Here is a rough outline of our step-by-step TORC cleaning system, and we are more than happy to discuss it in greater detail.

Preparation work

All good cleaning starts with preparation work, and we clean exterior walls and surrounding areas. This involves removing debris, covering plants, securing windows and doors and protecting the local landscape.

Implementing safety procedures

Our team is fully trained in using TORC equipment, and we follow the recommended safety checklist and guidance. Our team wears protective clothing; if required, we utilise harnesses and other safety equipment.

Choosing and using the most appropriate TORC cleaning equipment

Within the remit of the TORC system, there are several machines and equipment to consider. There are also different abrasives to choose from.

We analyse your surface, premises and the problem before selecting the most appropriate equipment and cleaning process to tackle the job.

We then fully prepare the TORC machine and cleaning solutions.

An example of choosing the right equipment comes with selecting the most appropriate nozzle cone.

This is removable from the TORC cleaning machine. If a large area is cleaned, a larger nozzle is applied, and a smaller nozzle cone is attached for more intricate work.

Using the TORC stone cleaning system

Once everything is in place, our trained operators utilise the TORC equipment on your surface.

Post clean check and clean-up

Before we finish, we ensure your premises are left in pristine condition and evaluate the required work. If additional work is required, we’ll take care of this or manage it. We are more than happy to schedule regular cleaning sessions if required.

What choice of abrasive is best?

You have a choice of abrasives when using the TORC system; the best choice depends on your premises and surroundings.

If you are close to a water course, you must be careful about run-off, and this is why calcium carbonate, dolomite or calcite are the recommended abrasive options when cleaning near water. These abrasives hail from natural sources and don’t pose a pollution risk.

At Wash Your Walls in Manningtree, we consider all these aspects and a lot more. We know many people will not consider the broader ecological impact when removing carbon staining or dirt from brick and stone at their building, but a failure to do so can lead to significant fines.

For peace of mind, to better support the environment and minimise the risk of fines, call on Wash Your Walls to review your premises, and we’ll ensure the most suitable cleaning process is chosen.

TORC cleaning is a highly effective, ecological cleaning solution.

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Why choose us to provide TORC cleaning systems

When you call on our stone cleaning services, you are confident we use specialist equipment and that our team members are experienced and qualified.

Our Manningtree team follows the recommended safety instruction checklist and the list of all required parts. You can rely on us to offer a safe and highly effective TORC cleaning service in Manningtree.

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What is TORC cleaning and how does it differ from traditional pressure washing?

TORC cleaning is a method of cleaning brick and other masonry surfaces that employs a high pressure and specialised cleaning solution combination. The acronym "TORC" stands for Thermal Organic Reduction Cleaning, and it is a method for removing dirt, grime, and other forms of discoloration from brick and other masonry surfaces by using heat, pressure, and specialised cleaning solutions.

Is TORC cleaning safe for my brick or masonry surfaces?

Because it uses lower pressure and milder cleaning solutions than traditional pressure washing, TORC cleaning is considered safe for most brick and masonry surfaces. However, it is critical that the professional you hire is experienced and has the necessary equipment to use the cleaning method.

How effective is TORC cleaning at removing stains and discoloration?

TORC cleaning is a popular method for removing stains and discoloration from brick and masonry surfaces. The heat generated during the cleaning process aids in the breakdown of dirt and grime and allows the cleaning solution to penetrate deeper into the surface, increasing its effectiveness in removing stains and discoloration.

How long does it take for the brick or masonry to dry after a TORC cleaning?

The amount of time it takes for the brick or masonry to dry after a TORC cleaning is determined by several factors, including the weather, the type of cleaning method used, and the condition of the brick. In general, warm, sunny weather dries bricks faster than cool, damp conditions. It usually takes a few hours, but it can take up to 24 hours for the brick to dry completely.

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